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Home Youth Programs Lion Cubs Lion Cubs’ Rusty Crayfish Service Project

Lion Cubs’ Rusty Crayfish Service Project

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Ranger Jay Erb Leads a group of Lion Cubs Upstream the French Creek; Nets Ready to Capture the Invasive Rusty Crayfish

Lion John Lapic Displays a Rusty Crayfish to a group of Lion Cubs                      A Handful of Smaller Captured Rusty Crayfish
On Monday, 21 May 2017 a Lion Cubs’ Rusty Crayfish Service Project came about.
Pavilion~2 in the land of Warwick County Park was the main station for Ranger Erb,  Lion Cubs, Lion Cubs’ Advisors, LEOS, Coventry Lions & Parents.
A movie “Lost in the Woods” began the joining of the 5 OJR Elementary Schools' Lion Cubs.
Laughter rang through the air.
As the invasive Rusty Crayfish thought they were safe on a rainy day…
and females were nestling in to lay 80-575 eggs…
to spread their invasiveness more far & wide to hurt even more waterways’ nativeness…
Lion Cubs carried nets & buckets down to the French Creek as raindrops rippled through the moving water disguising the cubs coming in for successful captures of the tiny lobster looking feisty creatures.
Joy filled the air from the cubs being part of helping the aquatic system.
A brief Foraging teaching & awareness for everyday life & survival was presented with a short walk after to notice all the plants in a small area.
Stink Cabbage was available to realize all the functions it alone could have…booties, hat, rain collector, shelter roof, fly swatter, cover skin as sun block, a sign of water, fire extinguisher and more.
Afterwards a mingling picnic was enjoyed.
Lion Cubs induction ceremony ended the educational, fun service project.
We will be scheduling another date to keep helping the aquatic system.
See you then!

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2017-18 Good Works Crew Schedule

November 4th - Frank C., Beccie C., Keith B., Kevin B.

December 2nd - Bob W., Keith B., Ray B., Chad G., Frank C., Beccie C.

January 6th - Matt K.

Feb 3rd - Chris B.,Chuck K., Terry S.

March 3rd - Chris B., Terry S., Bob R.

April 7th -

May 5th -

2017-18 Officers

John Lapic

Barry Bentley

Bob Rasmussen

Frank Conforti
First Vice President

Ray Bentley
2nd Vice President

Jake Bittner
3rd Vice President

Keith Bentley
Membership Director

Leah Kinzinger
Tail Twister

Kevin Botero
Lion Tamer

Board of Directors:
Chris Bober
Adam Cathers
Jeff Zieber