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Home Youth Programs Leo Clubs MS Leo Club Holds Special Induction Ceremony

MS Leo Club Holds Special Induction Ceremony

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MS Leo Club Holds Special Induction Ceremony

The Middle School Leos Pose With Their T-shirts and Certificates Along With First Year Advisor, Jen Scott

Friday, June 2nd the Middle School Leo Club was treated a special Induction Ceremony in the school's auditorium. Parents were invited to attend this special event. Coventry Lions Leo Liaison, Terry Stouffer greeted the Leos and guests with a brief history of Leos in general and at Owen J. Roberts. This has been a special year for all Lion Clubs and Lion Youth Clubs as the International Community of Lions is celebrating its Centennial Year.

Jen Scott then addressed the audience with a message of pride for the yet to be Leos for all the hard work and efforts that the club had given throughout the year. She enumerated nearly twenty activities and service projects the Leos had participated in this year.

Lion Terry Stouffer and Advisor Jen Scott then presented each Leo with their Induction Certificate, a congratulatory letter from International Lions Clubs President, Chancellor Bob Corlew and a T-shirt. Advisor Jen then presented the Leo of the Year Award Certificate to Sonya Soeder and presented several exemplary achievement certificates to many of the Leos.

After the awards were delivered the Leos were officially inducted into the Leo Club. The Leos were then challenged to continue with their desire to help others by remaining a Leo either in the Middle School, or if they were moving to the High School next year to join that very successful club. A video presentation was then observed by all in attendance. The video featured the projects and services the Leos participated in this school year.

After the above picture was taken (by many proud parents), the Leos and parents were treated to a very special breakfast provided by their advisor.

The following is a brief description of all the activities and services the Leos were involved in this year.

First Meeting of The Year during the regular club period - Discussion of Election of Officers in order to allow for student leadership/meeting ownership

Discussion of the following topics and events:

Make a Difference Day Food Collection and Loading of the bus on Friday, Oct 28

REA Safe Trick or Treat Night - Thursday, Oct 27 6-8 PM

Unite for Her Pink-Out Football Game - Friday, November 4

Costume Fun Run101 for OJRHS Best Buddies - Saturday, November 5 9:00 AM

Set Future Meeting Dates and Collection of Permission Slips - t-shirt sizes

View Advisor Made Powerpoint discussing lionism and President's Yearly Theme

Discussion of Service Project for Holiday Cards for Service Men and Women serving our country and being deployed during holiday season


After-School Meeting - Thursday, September 29 from 2:15-3:45

Sweep of School to look for trash and hang up posters for Make a Difference Day and Pink-Out Game

Plans made for upcoming events:

Discussion of costumes for REA Night as well as candy volunteers and games

Discussion of contest ideas for Make a Difference Day in order to bring in more cans

Discussion of how to reach all classes for the Holiday Service Project

Vote on officers based on desire to fill positions and willingness to take leadership role

Media crew to start looking at ways to log our events and activities in a social media framework

Discussion of where to get up to date information on School Wires page

Club Period on 10/20 7:30-8:10 - Discussion of REA Trick or Treat Night - Volunteers for both the candy station and the activity station. Finalize plans for the activity station - game to be run is

"Toss the Spider on the Web" - costumes: dress in any school appropriate costume

Discussion of Make a Difference Day Pie in the Face Contest - Pictures were hung at the start of October

Table coverage for each morning - Leo members standing at table to take votes for the donated canned good and food items from 10/17-10/28

Leo coverage for the Make a Difference Day Load the Bus - planned for 12:30 on Friday, 10/28

Count out Permission Slips for R.A.D. Night AND deliver to LA teachers

Make thank you cards and holiday cards for Service Men and Women

Media Crew write up announcements for the rest of the Make a Difference Day Collection week – creative, fun, and appropriate

Prepare holiday cards/well wishes and thank you cards for US Servicemen and women - cards will be mailed overseas to deployed troops

A small group of Leos went to sort and count out Pink Out Unite for Her T-shirts and Deliver them

Special Assembly for the month of November was held on Friday, 11/4 from 1:40-2:15. There were two sessions where 3 teachers (for a total of 6) were "pied in the face" as they won the Leo Club Make a Difference Day Challenge. Students brought in canned goods and donations for the Make A Difference Day Food Drive, and "voted" for a teacher to pie. Each donation would allow for one vote towards a teacher they wanted to see pied.

Special Guest at our After School Meeting on 11/17 - Hannah Reagan from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - She came to discuss the Pennies for Patients campaign with the students. She also went over fundraising goals and discussed past practice. In addition, we had our brainstorming session.

The after school meeting was held from 2:20-3:45 PM.

During School Club Meeting - 11/10 - Start Time 7:30 AM End time 8:10 AM

We reviewed our upcoming meetings and put dates in our student planners.

In addition, we planned our next event to the Manatawny Manor Nursing Home in Pottstown.

Students also finalized plans for the trip to the Coventry Food Pantry by reviewing specific times and procedures for drop off and pick up as I will be driving the school van for this trip.

Friday, Nov 4, OJRHS Football Pink Out Game 6:00PM-8:00PM - We had several Leos present at the game to collect donations for the Unite for Her Breast Cancer Charity. We also assisted with cheering on the team and selling t-shirts.

Saturday, November 5 8:30AM-12:00PM - Costume Fun Run 101 - A group of Leos volunteered to help at the Costume Fun Run which benefitted the Best Buddies of OJRHS. We drew start and finish lines, we had a team of students that dressed in costume to "scare" the runners, we had a team cheering the runners on at the finish line, we helped clean up the kitchen area once the race ended

Minutes & Activities: We had a special field trip for a small group of students on Thursday, December 1. We visited the Coventry Food Pantry to assist with organizing and packing of food donations. We were there from 6:30-8:30 PM. The students that attended were: Miranda Acosta, Sonya Soeder, Hannah Lewiski, Owen Herninko, Frank Lombardo, Trinity McDermott, Emily Wunderlich, Blair Frederick, Ryan Gephart

In School Meeting: We also had our regular monthly meeting on December 15. We met from 7:30-8:10 AM. Our activities for the meeting included preparing for our trip to the Manatawny Manor Nursing Home. We had a group of students slated to attend that trip, and we spent time preparing the craft cut outs of a snowman and a Santa craft. We also had the Builder's Club, run by Zach Hoagland, join our group on this date to make cards for hospitalized kids. This program is nationwide and we made about 50 cards in total. They were mailed to Chicago, the main location, for dispersement to hospitalized kids across the US. In addition, we started preparing for our March service project, Pennies for Patients. We started assembling boxes for collection and we gathered lists of homerooms so we could begin counting out the information sheets at our Jan. meeting.

After-School Meeting: We did not have a separate after-school meeting due to the two scheduled field trips this month. On Tuesday, December 20, a group of MS Leos traveled to the Manatawny Manor Nursing Home. We arrived at 6:20 and from about 6:30-7:00 we set up craft stations and transported patients to the activity room. From there, we played Bingo and Christmas Jingo. In addition, we created snowman and Santa crafts using paper plates and cut out colored paper shapes that our Leos precut for the elderly residents of the home. We also read holiday books to them. It was a gerat night! Students were picked up at 8:40 PM.

Minutes and Activities: This month was exceptionally busy with preparation for our Pennies for Patients Fundraiser to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Our collection was originally slated for March, but our Principal decided it was best to do it for the first two weeks of February. As a result, we had a great deal of work to complete in just two meetings. During our in school club meeting and our after-school meeting on January 26, we prepared over 30 collection boxes, and over 800 letters with collection boxes to hand out to individual students. The Leos were responsbile for putting together the boxes as they come shipped flat. They also had to staple form letters explaining the fundraiser to individual collection boxes. They then had to count out and separate the letters and boxes for each homeroom in the entire school. This was quite an undertaking. We meet from 7:30-8:10 for assembly, and then we met again from 2:15-3:45. Students then delivered the materials to teachers throughout the building. In addition, we had small groups of students hanging posters for the Pennies for Patients program. One student created a powerpoint to share with the classrooms in order to give directions and inform them of the event and the reason we do this each year. We also made preparations for the Student-Faculty Basketball Game. The Builder's Club sponsors that event each year, and we were invited to assist them at the event. Several Leos spent time preparing morning annoucements to raise awareness for the Pennies for Patients mission, and all of the announcements were read aloud by Leo Club students once the collection began.

Minutes & Activities: We had several in-school mini-meetings to collect and count change. This was a busy month as we finalized the preparations for a hat day to increase our funds for the Pennies for Patients as well as a special challenge. We also had Leos making announcements everyday for the tweo weeks of collection. We also had Leos coming to the table each day in the morning to collect donations for Hat Day and the Principal's Plunge. Leo Club's Hat Day was held on Wednesday, Feb 15. Several members of the Leo Club met with our Principals to discuss the challege they planned. It was to have a contest to raise money for Pennies for Patients. They had the Principals agree to a jump in the pool, with their work clothes on, if they raised the most money. This made the collection week especially fun and exciting. We had a special after-school meeting on Thursday, 2/16 from 2:15-4:00, so we could count the rest of the money from the collection. We had the Pennies for Patients Principal's Plunge on Thursday, Feb 23. It was certainly a great way to end our month! On Friday, February 10, from 5:30-8:40, several Leo members assisted the OJRMS Builder's Club at the Annual Student-Faculty Basketball Game. We were responsible for setting up, selling tickets, and then cleaning up.

Minutes & Activities: During School Meeting - March 9, 2017 - 7:30-8:10 AM We discussed the upcoming Evening of the Arts. We are slated to assist the Arts Teachers at their annual event. We will be responsible for manning a community art station where community members and Leos will create a mural. We also discussed the upcoming Leo Rally and attendance at the meeting. We then split into three groups. One group of students worked on thank you cards for the faculty and staff and their support of our Pennies for Patients campaign. Another group began working on ideas for the Brag Board to share at the Leo Rally. The last group began brainstorming ideas for the spring crafts that we plan to create with the residents of Manatawny Manor when we visit them again in May. Permission slips were handed out for the Evening of the Arts.

In-School Meeting - 4/20/17 - 7:30 AM - 8:10 AM - We discussed the upcoming Leo Rally and prepared our Brag Boards. We also reviewed the upcoming events. We discussed which students are signed up to assist at the School Play on Friday, April 21, Saturday, April 22, and Sunday, April 23. These students are going to sell concessions to support the OJRMS Theater Group. After-School Meeting - 4/20/17 - 2:20-3:45 PM We continued our prep work for the Leo Rally. We also prepared for our upcoming trip to Manatawny Manor.





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2017-18 Good Works Crew Schedule

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December 2nd - Bob W., Keith B., Ray B., Chad G., Frank C., Beccie C.

January 6th - Matt K.

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