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French Creek Lion Cubs Yearly Activities

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French Creek Advisor, Amy Hess, stands to the right of her recently inducted Lion Cubs. The seven Lion Cubs were the last of a group of sixteen. Other members were inducted at Warwick Park after the Rusty Crayfish multi-club service activity.

To read about the French Creek Lion Cubs yearly activities, click on "read more" 9/27/16 – Today we learned of the history of the Lions Club and Lion Cubs

10/25/16 - At our meeting, we helped the PTA count box tops. The children cut, sorted, and glued them on papers in groups of 50. The PTA earns $5 for our school for every 50 box tops that we collect. The Lion Cubs did not realize how much work went in to the Box Top Collection. We are planning to help with this task later in the year again.

12/20/16 - Today the Lion Cubs performed two service activities. We decorated cookies for the teachers and staff at French Creek. We also helped the PTA collect and sort box tops.

1/24/16 - Today the children helped to set up for the French Creek Elementary Science Fair. They set up tables, set up boards, and placed log books in place. After they were finished, the children enjoyed walking around and looking at some of the projects.

2/21/17 - The Lion Cubs devoted their meeting today to be teacher helpers. The children took down bulletin boards, cut out tickets for the Read across America Day Book Swap, cut out strips of paper, sharpened pencils for PSSA testing, and organized bookshelves.

3/21/17 - The Lion Cubs made ceramic pots during lunch and recess. The art teacher assisted us in making the pots and firing the pots. Today, the Lion Cubs stayed after school to paint and decorate the pots. The pots will be given to parent volunteers on May 8th at French Creek's Volunteer Breakfast. We did this project in collaboration with K-Kids. K-Kids planted flowers in the pots. This was a handmade gift that we created to show our appreciation of all the helpers at our school.

4/18/17 -Today, we assisted the art teacher in setting up for the Art Show. The children were in charge of putting tape balls on the different children's artwork. A few kids then assisted in placing the art work on the wall. The nice thing was that the art work was up not only for the art show but also for all the new kids that are coming to French Creek next year to see when they came to visit our school.

5/22/17 – Today several cubs participated in the invasive rusty crayfish project at Warwick Park in the French Creek.


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2017-18 Good Works Crew Schedule

November 4th - Frank C., Beccie C., Keith B., Kevin B.

December 2nd - Bob W., Keith B., Ray B., Chad G., Frank C., Beccie C.

January 6th - Matt K.

Feb 3rd - Chris B.,Chuck K., Terry S.

March 3rd - Chris B., Terry S., Bob R.

April 7th -

May 5th -

2017-18 Officers

John Lapic

Barry Bentley

Bob Rasmussen

Frank Conforti
First Vice President

Ray Bentley
2nd Vice President

Jake Bittner
3rd Vice President

Keith Bentley
Membership Director

Leah Kinzinger
Tail Twister

Kevin Botero
Lion Tamer

Board of Directors:
Chris Bober
Adam Cathers
Jeff Zieber