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Home Youth Programs Leo Clubs HS Leo Club Meeting Meeting Minutes 12/20/16

HS Leo Club Meeting Meeting Minutes 12/20/16

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Leo Club Meeting Meeting Minutes


1. Attendance – 70 members in attendance

2. Volunteer Update

a. To date, our club members have completed and submitted forms for 354 hours of volunteering over the past three months.

b. 28 members have completed their minimum (5) amount of required volunteer hours for the year

c. If you have completed hours and not already filled out the ‘volunteer form’ to receive credit, please do so ASAP

3. East Coventry Pizza Bingo

a. Friday, January 13th at the E.C. Elementary School Gym.  Two time slots available:  3:30-5:50 for setup and 5:30-8:30 to serve pizza and drinks at the event.

4. Animal Aid USA

a. Drop off donated items this week in the OJRHS lobby.  Leos that donate to this cause will receive .5 hours of service credit.

5. Upcoming Late Winter/Spring Volunteer Opportunities

a. Hope on the Hill Dinner (February?)

b. Coventry Woods Festival (May)

c. OJRHS Battle of the Bands (late May)

d. Lions Club Blues BBQ (June)

e. In Ian’s Boots warehouse assistance (February?)

6. Other potential service ideas……

a. Outdoor day of service at Coventry Woods

b. Super Smash Bros. Tournament

c. Lunch Buddies

i. Let Mr. McCormick know if you would be interested in allowing/inviting students that are in need of a friendly group of students to sit with during the lunch periods to join you for lunch.

d. Cafeteria LED sign announcements – volunteer needed to update the display sign in the cafeteria weekly.

7. Check your attendance and volunteer records at the following link:

8. The next Leo Club meeting is on 1/24/17 in the LGI.



John McCormick

High School Special Education

Leo Club Advisor

Discipline Team Member


2017-18 Good Works Crew Schedule

November 4th - Frank C., Beccie C., Keith B., Kevin B.

December 2nd - Bob W., Keith B., Ray B., Chad G., Frank C., Beccie C.

January 6th - Matt K.

Feb 3rd - Chris B.,Chuck K., Terry S.

March 3rd - Chris B., Terry S., Bob R.

April 7th -

May 5th -

2017-18 Officers

John Lapic

Barry Bentley

Bob Rasmussen

Frank Conforti
First Vice President

Ray Bentley
2nd Vice President

Jake Bittner
3rd Vice President

Keith Bentley
Membership Director

Leah Kinzinger
Tail Twister

Kevin Botero
Lion Tamer

Board of Directors:
Chris Bober
Adam Cathers
Jeff Zieber