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Home Youth Programs Lion Cubs 141 3rd-6th Graders Inducted into Lion Cubs

141 3rd-6th Graders Inducted into Lion Cubs

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This May five elementary schools held Induction Ceremonies to welcome 141 students as official Lion Cubs

Proud East Coventry Lion Cubs are Flanked by Their Advisors Casey Smith and Kristy Mitchell

See slide show of EC field day set up.

North Coventry Newly Inducted Lion Cubs are Shown With Their Advisor Faye Tedesco


East Vincent Lion Cubs are All Smiles as They Pose With Advisor Ann Taglieri

French Creek Lion Cubs With Advisor Amanda Martin

West Vincent Lion Cubs and Advisor Marshall Vogel Proudly Pose Under Their Club's Banner

Read About the Lion Cubs Projects

East Coventry -

10-13-15 Minutes & Activities: 3:05 - Start Time - Today the East Coventry Lion Cubs were introduced to the Cub program.  Former Cubs spoke about the purpose of our club and all of the  accomplishments from last year.
The cubs then decided to brainstorm different ideas they had to imporve both our school and community.  The cubs came up with some great ideas for the school year!  They are looking forward to lots of fun. End Time - 4:20
11-10-15 Minutes & Activities: Today the cubs created bins for our annual Thanksgiving Dinner Cubs collection.  They created a speech to read on the announcements each day to encourage our whole school to bring in
donations for families in need.  The cubs worked together to beautifully design the boxes, create the speeches and announce their collection to the EC building.  End Time - 4:30
12-8-15 Minutes & Activities: Start Time 3:05 - Today the Cubs decided that they would make placemats for the SPCA.  The cubs designed their own placemat and then laminated them to make them more
permanent for the SPCA.  One of our East Coventry teachers, Mrs. Anastasi, delivered the placement to the SPCA who were extremely grateful and thankful for the Cub's work.  End time - 4:30pm
1-12-16 Minutes & Activities: Start Time - 3:05.  Today the cubs researched and discussed ways to raise money. They decided that they would like to set up a Capri Sun collection in the cafeteria to raise money.
The students wrote a proposal to Mr. Oswald asking him if we could participate to raise money for our school or more specifically to raise money for a Kindergarten student in our school who has a GoFundMe
account.  It was truely amazing to watch our young cubs enthusiasm for helping others.  True Cub spirit! End Time - 4:20
2-10-16 Minutes & Activities: Tuesday February 10th from 3:15 - 4:05pm (9 Attendees)  Today we decided to share the love with people in our school community.  We wrote thank you letters and Valentine's Day letters
to teachers who made a difference in our lives.  Not only did the Cubs write letters to their teachers, but also aides and secretaries.  The smile on their faces was well worth all of the hard work the Cubs did to create
their masterpieces.
3-8-16 Minutes & Activities: March 8th 2016 3:05 - 4:15pm - 17 members in attendance.  Today the Lion Cubs spent their time helping out the EC school nurse with inspirational posters encouraging students to eat their
greens.  The posters included the titles and dates for our spirit week.  The students also learned about brussel sprouts and other greens that provide essential vitamins and nutrients.
4-12-16 Minutes & Activities: Tuesday April 12th 2016 3:03 - 4:15pm - Attendees (14)  Today the cubs decided to wrtie thank you/congratulations letters to the Army Rangers.  One of our frequent beloved substitutes has a
son who just graduated from his Ranger training.  The cubs, who hear all about him and his fellow Rangers, decided that they would congrulate them for their amazing accomplishment and thank him and his fellow Rangers
for their volunteerism and bravery.
5-10-16 Minutes & Activities: Wednesday, May 10, 2016 3:03 - 4:15pm - 18 Lion Cubs were officially inducted into the club.
5-24-16 Hannah Rabold was presented her certificate for winning the local Peace Poster Contest

6-7-16-Minutes & Activities: Outside Activity - Advisors Casey Smith and Kristy Mitchell  7:00 AM - 8:15 AM  Today the cubs came to help Mrs. Mitchell set up for East Coventry's Field Day!  The cubs were here bright and early and eager to help.  They spent their time setting up the fields so all of EC can have a fun Field Day.  They did a great job helping to make Field Day a success!


West Vincent:

Date: 10/29/15  Start Time- 3:10pm  End Time- 4:00pm  # of Members Attended: 39

Students met for the first time today. Mr. Stouffer came and talked to the kids about what Lion’ Club is all about and how it originated.

Date: 11/19/15 Start Time- 3:10pm End Time- 4:00pm # of Members Attended: 36

Students met for the second time today. Made posters for all collections and drives.

Date: 12/17/15 Start Time- 3:10pm End Time- 4:00pm # of Members Attended: 39

Students met for the third time today. Discussed and sorted for the Clothing drive during the winter months and dropped off at local shelter.

Date: 1/7/16 Start Time- 3:10pm End Time- 4:00pm # of Members Attended: 39 Students met for the fourth time today. Field trip planned on both a week day and weekend to the local animal shelter. Students can read to dogs and cats for an hour.

Date: 1/28/16 Start Time- 3:10pm End Time- 4:00pm # of Members Attended: 36

Students met for the second time today. We cleaned up floors in the building afterschool and met the cleaners.  Students picked up any trash, and kept the pencils and pens found and placed on teachers desks.

Date: 2/18/16 Start Time- 3:10pm End Time- 4:00pm # of Members Attended: 37

Students met and discussed ways to fundraise for upcoming Pennies for Patients Drive. Students met in groups and came up with incentives for each classroom, grade level, and as a school. We discussed goals for our upcoming drive and distributed any possible supplies to each classroom. Students from all grade levels worked together to figure out the best way to distribute the supplies. At the end of the meeting we decided thart our school goal was going to be $2,000.

Date: 3/17/16 Start Time- 3:10pm End Time- 4:00pm # of Members Attended: 37

Students met and discussed the grand total and winners of our Pennies for Patients collection. In total, we raised over $2,500 in our three week drive. Students discussed why the drive was so successful and what we could do next year to top our total collections next year!

Date: 4/19/16 Start Time- 3:10pm End Time- 4:00pm # of Members Attended: 39

Students created posters for PSSA's. We also met and talked about ways we  could avoid bullying other and be proactive when we see bullying. As part of this, we also played many team building games to help realize that each student has strengths and weaknesses. After discussing bullying and teamwork, we cleaned up the gardens outside in preparation for our Earth Day Celebration.

Date: 5/9/16 Start Time- 3:10pm End Time- 4:00pm # of Members Attended: 34

Mr. Stouffer came back in at the end of the year, to hand out certificates and t-shirts to all participants. We also learned more about Helen Keller and how she was a major inspiration for the starting of Lions Club.



East Vincent -

10/01/15 23 members attended
We played a game as an icebreaker, then made posters for Make a Difference Day. The 6th grade members planned visits to each classroom
to announce the beginning of the Make A Difference activities, and they also wrote announcements to be read over the PA system.
10/13/15 22 members attended
We made additional collection boxes/bags for Make a Difference Day, and brainstormed ideas for service projects for the
remainder of the year.
11/10/15 24 members attended
We made cards to send to veterans to thank them for their service. We also made Thanksgiving placemats for the
residents of Manatawny Manor
12/09/15 23 members attended
We decorated collection boxes for the 2nd Grade Xmas Food drive. We also made reindeer candy canes for the residents
of Manatawny Manor
01/12/16 20 members attended
We helped teachers in their classrooms, and welcomed Mr. Stauffer who told us about Lionism and the history of our club.
2/9/2016 (Rescheduled from 2/9) 18 members attended
2/23/2016 We made fleece fringe blamkets to be delivered to the residents of Manatawny Manor. Lion Cubs will finish this project during
3/9/2016 (Rescheduled from 3/8) 13 members attended
We made fleece fringe blamkets to be delivered to the residents of Manatawny Manor. Lion Cubs will finish this project during
4/5/2016 16 members attended
We assisted teachers with PSSA prep for their classrooms, and worked on the remaining blankets for the residents
5/10/2016 18 members attended
We held our induction ceremony and planned our annual service trip to Manatawny Manor

Annual Service Trip to Manatawny Manor!!


French Creek

10-7-15 This was our first meeting of the year. We spent the beginning of the meeting introducing ourselves to each other and then we made posters for the
the firefighters who were visitng French Creek. These posters were a celebration and a way to thank them for all they do four our community.
Thursday November 5th, 2015- Today we went on a website called  For all the problems that the children complete on the website, it donates
rice to a 3rd world country to help prevent hunger.
12-6-15 During our meeting, we had the Lion Cubs bake special holiday treats for the French Creek Faculty. While waiting for the treats to cool, the Cubs
made holiday greeting cards for French Creek.
1-7-16 The children worked on coming up with ideas for games, crafts, and snacks to use for the YMCA babysitting day.  They decided on the theme Inside Out.
The children will be using their activities to help the YMCA staff have a day of fun for the kids.
1-13-16- Today the kids went to the YMCA room and did a craft, had a snack and played a game with the students who attend the After School YMCA Program.
3-9-16 Today the Cubs acted as Teacher's Helpers. They helped organize classroom libraries, take down bulliten borads, cut laminate, etc.
4-18-16-Today the Cubs made posters for our OM team and for our Special Olympics participants.
5-04-16 - Today was French Creek's last Lion Cub meeting. We had an ice cream party to celerate a wonderful year of service, had our induction meeting

and ended with a fun game which all enjoyed!

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2017-18 Good Works Crew Schedule

November 4th - Frank C., Beccie C., Keith B., Kevin B.

December 2nd - Bob W., Keith B., Ray B., Chad G., Frank C., Beccie C.

January 6th - Matt K.

Feb 3rd - Chris B.,Chuck K., Terry S.

March 3rd - Chris B., Terry S., Bob R.

April 7th -

May 5th -

2017-18 Officers

John Lapic

Barry Bentley

Bob Rasmussen

Frank Conforti
First Vice President

Ray Bentley
2nd Vice President

Jake Bittner
3rd Vice President

Keith Bentley
Membership Director

Leah Kinzinger
Tail Twister

Kevin Botero
Lion Tamer

Board of Directors:
Chris Bober
Adam Cathers
Jeff Zieber