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West Vincent Lion Cubs Yearly Activities

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West Vincent October Meeting

Date: 10/22/14

Start Time- 3:10pm

End Time- 4:00pm

# of Members Attended: 46

Students met for the first time today. We listended to Terry talk to the studetns about what it means to be a Lion Cub. Terry spoke with the students about the reason Lions Club was  started and some of the more recent activity the club has participated in.   The students "homework"  is to brainstorm ideas they would like to do this year in Lions Club.


Date: 11/19/14

Start Time- 3:10pm

End Time- 4:00pm

# of Members Attended: 42


Students met for the second time today.  The group was split between 3rd/4th and 5th/6th. The 3rd and 4th grade group stayed with Mr. Vogel and discovered how the blind are able to use braille to read. Students learned facts about braille, including who invented it and when. The kids were shocked to hear that braille was invented almost 200 years ago! Students then had an opportunity to write braille using a braille alphabet. The students traded their braille writing with other students and tried to guess their words. Ms. Feldman took the 5th/6th grade group to the computer lab to research possible charity organizations we could team up with and develop ideas for this year’s Lions Club. The students came up with several creative ideas that will be implemented in the coming months.


Date: 12/17/14

Start Time- 3:10pm

End Time- 4:00pm

# of Members Attended: 41


Students met for the third time today. We worked on creating cards for the residents of Sunrise of Exton. Students also created snowflakes for the residents. We discussed the importance of spreading cheer throughout the holidays, no matter your beliefs. At the end of the meeting, we offered an "out of school" oppertunity for the students to meet Ms. Feldman at Sunrise of Exton.  On Tuesday, December 23rd several memeber of the West Vincent Lion Cubs met at Sunrise of Exton and sang songs, talked with residents and spead holiday cheer. Our Lion Cubs enjoyed spending time and getting to know the residents.


Date: 1/14/14

Start Time- 3:10pm

End Time- 4:00pm

# of Members Attended: 32


Students met for the fourth time today. We took time in the beginning of the meeting to discuss the signifigance of bullying. We dicussed exactly what bullying looks like, feels like and sounds like. We also discussed the role that each of us can play in preventing and putting an end to bullying in our school. To support our Olweus assembly on Thusday, students made posters to hang around the school in an effort to make other students aware of what bullying looks like. W discussed that bullying is an aggressive behavior, it involves a pattern of repeated behavior and that it involves an imbalance of power or strength.


Date: 2/18/15

Start Time- 3:10pm

End Time- 4:00pm

# of Members Attended: 29


Students met and discussed ways to fundraise for upcoming Pennies for Patients Drive. Students met in groups and came up with incentives for each classroom, grade level, and as a school. We discussed goals for our upcoming drive and distributed any possible supplies to each classroom. Students from all grade levels worked together to figure out the best way to distribute the supplies. At the end of the meeting we decided that our school goal was going to be $1,800. All of the Leo Cubs were excited to see if we could beat our total from last year.


Date: 3/18/15

Start Time- 3:10pm

End Time- 4:00pm

# of Members Attended: 35


Students met and discussed the grand total and winners of our Pennies for Patients collection. In total, we raised over $3,000 in our three week drive. Students discussed why the drive was so successful and what we could do next year to top our total collections next year! The students were then split into two large groups. The 3rd and 4th graders decided that the Lost and Found needed to be organized. Students took down the clothing, checked for names, and delivered them to the appropriate classrooms. If the clothing did not have a name, the student neatly organized the clothes on the rack. This was a quick and easy community service project that the students could work on. While the younger students worked on organizing the Lost and Found rack, the older group planned our next club project. Students came up with a list of items that they could bring in to put together Joy Jars. These jars were going to be delivered to the a children's hospital. Joy Jars are made up of everyday items around the house (cards, games, stuffed animals, etc.) that the children in the hospital could use right there in their room!


Date: 4/15/15

Start Time- 3:10pm

End Time- 4:00pm

# of Members Attended: 31


Students organized their Joy Jar supplies into piles and started to create the Joy Jars to be sent out. We also met and discussed how to treat students with disabilities. Many of the students realized that they hardly ever get to know students with a disability because just assume that they don't have any common interests. The discussion led to the realization that every student has interests and until we unless we get to know that student, we won’t ever know if we share certain things in common. Students then met in grade level groups to make signs for athletes in the Special Olympics. Students made signs that were personal to the athletes participating in their grade level.


Date: 5/6/15

Start Time- 3:10pm

End Time- 4:00pm

# of Members Attended: 33

Student met and discussed all of the projects that we have performed as a group this year. Students discussed the different things that they we’re personally proud of and what they proud of as a team. We then discussed activities that we would like to do again next year and new activities / projects that we could create next year. We also continued our discussion on students with disabilities. As a group we discussed how important it is to be leaders in the classroom and include students with disabilities. The watched a video clip and discussed how they would respond if they were in that that situation and what we can do at West Vincent to make all students feel included. We also discussed our induction ceremony next month.







2017 Good Works Crew Schedule

February 4th - Frank, Jeff, Matt, Adam, Kevin, Andy

March 4th - John, Ray, Terry, Bob, Chad, Barry, Frank, Beccie

April 1st - John, Terry, Bob, Ken, Chris, Ray

May 6th - Ken, Chris, Frank, Beccie, John, Terry

2016 - 2017 Officers

Keith Bentley

Chuck Kirschman

Terry Stouffer

John Lapic
First Vice President

Frank Conforti
2nd Vice President

3rd Vice President

Jeff Zieber
Membership Director

Leah Kinzinger
Tail Twister

Casey Bentley
Lion Tamer

Board of Directors:
Chris Bober
Adam Cathers
Jake Bittner