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Battle of the Bands

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The High School Leo Club hosted the Third Annual Battle of the Bands at Owen J Roberts High School Auditorium.

The Band Blurred Vision opened their set with "I Can See Clearly Now"

John McCormick, Leo Club Advisor reported " Thank you to all of the Leos that helped with the Battle of the Bands on Friday night.  We raised $865 for our club to put to good use in the future!  Congrats to ‘Electrified’, for their winning efforts in the audience voting for ‘best band’!"



Members:  Carson Bauer, Alina Dowdells, Kane Hayford, Wolfgang Noll

Songs:  Breed (Nirvanna), The Trooper (Iron Maiden), Unglued (Stone Temple Pilots)


Intermission #1: Mike Matteson

Grandmaster Patrick and the Cold Cuts

Members:  Jack Burger, Trevor Goodwin, Danny Horning, Nate Mest, Tom Misciagna, Victor Rosenwald, Jake Schaff,  Abe Van Helmond

Songs:  Fight for Your Right, Let Me Clear My Throat, Harder Than You Think

Intermission #2:  Noah Kolb

1. Tea Party of the Dead

Members:  Josh Braun, Mike Matteson, Michael Rauco , Victor Rosenwald

Songs:  Rockabilly Riot, Lightning Story, J.O.B


Intermission #3: Mason Ayres

1. Electrified

Members:  Kellen Hunsberger, Mike Matteson, Adam Mirabile, Gabby Rovito

Songs:  Lonely Boy, Travelin Band, Cross Road Blues, Sharp Dressed Man

Intermission #5: Josh Braun

1. Toxic Shock

Members:  Mark Dyer, Noah Kolb, Mike Matteson

Songs:  Into Madness, All for You, I Wanna Be Your Dog

Intermission #6: Megan Pinelli & Jacki Cooper.


Members:  Parker Bispels, Jack Burger, Noah Kolb, Raquel Rosenwald, Victor Rosenwald

Songs:  Don’t Let Me Down, The Sounds/Psychonaut


Intermission #6: Jacki Cooper


Members:  Jared Epps,  Tom Michinock, Tom Misciagna, Logan Moyer

Songs:  Hysteria (Muse), RV Mine (Arctic Monkeys), Higher Ground (R.H. Chilli Peppers)


Intermission #7: Cassaie Marks & Josh Braun

Formaldehyde and Seek

Members:  Mike Berkowitz, Hanna Glass, Elena Malamed, Fiona McLaughlin

Songs: Tear in My Heart (Twenty One Pilots), Shut Up and Dance (Walk the Moon), Kathleen (Katfish and Bottlemen)

Jammin Jammers Club.

Josh Braun (lead guitar)

Mr. Randy Durn (keyboard)

Henry Chronowski (rhythm guitar)

Mr. Jeremy Fox (bass)

Greg Hale (vocals)

Mike Matteson (drums & vocals)

Mike Rauco (drums & vocals)

Songs: Shake, Rattle & Roll; Wish You Were Here;  All Along the Watchtower

Special ‘Thank You’

Stage Crew Volunteers: Savina Divine, Alex Hocker & Alec Nova

Stage Crew Advisor: Carol Fitzgerald


Sound System: Allen Taylor

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2017 Good Works Crew Schedule

February 4th - Frank, Jeff, Matt, Adam, Kevin, Andy

March 4th - John, Ray, Terry, Bob, Chad, Barry, Frank, Beccie

April 1st - John, Terry, Bob, Ken, Chris, Ray

May 6th - Ken, Chris, Frank, Beccie, John, Terry

2016 - 2017 Officers

Keith Bentley

Chuck Kirschman

Terry Stouffer

John Lapic
First Vice President

Frank Conforti
2nd Vice President

3rd Vice President

Jeff Zieber
Membership Director

Leah Kinzinger
Tail Twister

Casey Bentley
Lion Tamer

Board of Directors:
Chris Bober
Adam Cathers
Jake Bittner