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Home News OJR Elementary Schools Join the Lion Cubs in Holiday Giving

OJR Elementary Schools Join the Lion Cubs in Holiday Giving

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West Vincent Lion Cubs Ready to Load Their Food Drive         French Creek Lion Cubs Abby Reynolds, Hannah Wiley, Jansen                                                                                                       Loscig and Evelyn Estes Load Their Food Collection

This school year the Coventry Lions Club and their youth clubs - the Lion Cubs - got alot of help from the students and families of the school district. Food drives were held three times this year; each before an upcoming school holiday - Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Three of the elementary schools continued the tradition of having their second grade classes hold an annual food drive to help feed the disadvantaged. Two other schools included their whole school; grades kindergarten to sixth to join in the 'giving". These food drives had followed a district wide food drive “Make a Difference Day” to replenish the shelves of the Coventry Pantry.

The Lions' Easter Basket set up crew - Front - John Lapic and Ken Swart Back - Terry Stouffer, Leah Kinzinger and Chuck Kirschman.

Taking the picture is Jake Bittner

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The Coventry Lions Club currently obtains meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and other perishable items through the GIANT food store.

Each school’s counselors contacts disadvantaged families to offer them a food basket to help them out during the Holiday Season.

After the canned food is divided by the number of families (26 – 30) and family size ( 2 -10). The items are boxed and bagged then taken to the pick-up area in front of GIANT Food Market. The perishable food items are prepared by the GIANT store’s managers and employees. The canned items and fresh items are then separated into delivery areas.

Five to six delivery teams from the Lions Club picks up all the food items and make their deliveries to the waiting families in the school district’s different townships. Each route takes up to an hour for the delivery teams to complete.

This year's food drives were so successful there was enough extra food items to fill a truck. Those extra food items are delivered  to the Coventry Food Pantry. This time of year the shelves of the pantry are greatly depleted; making this extra source of donated food supplies a welcome addition!




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2017 Good Works Crew Schedule

February 4th - Frank, Jeff, Matt, Adam, Kevin, Andy

March 4th - John, Ray, Terry, Bob, Chad, Barry, Frank, Beccie

April 1st - John, Terry, Bob, Ken, Chris, Ray

May 6th - Ken, Chris, Frank, Beccie, John, Terry

2016 - 2017 Officers

Keith Bentley

Chuck Kirschman

Terry Stouffer

John Lapic
First Vice President

Frank Conforti
2nd Vice President

3rd Vice President

Jeff Zieber
Membership Director

Leah Kinzinger
Tail Twister

Casey Bentley
Lion Tamer

Board of Directors:
Chris Bober
Adam Cathers
Jake Bittner